Collins Financial Group proudly serves as counselors to our clients, recommending comprehensive life, disability, and medical/dental plans that are compatible with the risk tolerance and financial goals of each company.

Offering group health, life, dental, and disability plans to numerous professional practices and business firms across all industries is the foundation of products. Service does not stop after the applications are completed; we continue to serve our clients every step of the way, from claims evaluation to daily questions regarding benefit coverage.

Offering employers innovative and cost-effective programs are key factors contributing to why Employee Benefits are the fastest growing division of Collins Financial Group.


Our innovative and cost-effective employee benefits strategies

Top Strategies Structured to Reduce Your Healthcare Costs                  

Determine YOUR Organization’s Savings Opportunities

Place a check next to EACH of the Strategies you CURRENTLY Offer!

☐      Use ELAP (repricing model)

☐      Offer a Dual Option (if available)

☐      Offer an HSA Plan

☐      Offer Partial Self-Funding Through an HRA or a Special MEWA Trust

☐      Reduce High Family Premiums by researching if working spouses are covered (if applicable) through their own employer

☐      Offer a Section 125 Flexible Savings Account Option to Employees via a TASC Card

☐      Offer a Strong Voluntary Benefits Program and Include a “Medical Bridge” Insurance Option allowing Employees to have Insurance for their Deductibles

☐      Have a Private Label Technology Platform (web portal) for Employees to Access

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*There are NO FEES to Administer Our Services

*Recently, Saved a client OVER 1.26M Throughout a Two-Year Plan Period

Our Goal is to Provide Innovative, Cost-Effective & Comprehensive Strategies. Why? So The Employer Can Maintain a Happy and Healthy Workforce

INDICATE How Important the Following are for YOU TO OFFER!

Place a 1, 2 or 3 in each box based on how important it is to offer to your employees.

1 = Low Priority                   2 = Medium Priority                   3 = HIGH Priority

☐      Group Health Care Insurance

☐      Health Savings Accounts/Section 125 Savings Accounts

☐      Group Short/Long-Term Disability

☐      Group Dental/Vision

☐      Group Life Insurance

☐      Retirement Plans

☐      Deferred Compensation for Selected Employees

☐      Voluntary Benefits

☐      Legal Shield/Identity Theft

☐      Worker’s Compensation Pooling (discounts on your rates)

☐      Streamlined Open Enrollment/New Hire Process

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