A TASC Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) provides a cost-saving solution that reimburses employees for medical expenses.

Simply set aside a specific amount that employees can use for healthcare expenses every year—it’s tax-free for them and tax-deductible for you.

And perhaps the best part? You have total control.

With a TASC HRA, you enjoy the flexibility of choosing the plan option that best works for you. Want expenses reimbursed? Want funds to roll over from year to year? What amount to allocate for qualified expenses? Choose from three types of plans:

First Dollar Plan: Complements a higher-deductible insurance plan, and pays for deductible items covered by insurance only. Provides a bridge between out-of-pocket expenses and insurance coverage.

Comprehensive Plan: Pays all medical expenses not covered by insurance. Typically covers the most common types of benefits coverage, such as deductibles, prescriptions, and co-pays. TASC offers six standard Comprehensive Plans.

Restricted Plan: Covers a specific group of expenses, such as prescription expenses only or dental expenses only.

Employer Features

• Maximizes employee healthcare benefits

• Works for businesses of all sizes.

• Offers multiple Plan design options.

• Improves cash flow with TASC’s fronted reimbursements.

• Saves time with electronic fund transfers.

• Simplifies the process with our easy-to-use web portal.

• Facilitates confidence and peace of mind with money back and audit guarantees.

Employee Features

• Simple access to money with TASC Benefit Card for Qualified First Dollar Plans.

• Multiple ways to obtain information: MyTASC website and IVR/telephone.

• Fast reimbursements.

• Convenient email notifications for processing/status of reimbursement requests.

• Helpful Customer Care Center.

• Online submission of reimbursement requests and direct deposit set up.

• Online history and status of reimbursement requests, and Plan balance tracking.